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ehBook a platform that lets you share a document, with your friends and anyone who works with you.
ehBook, takes care of everything:
  • Social Network
    ehBook lets you share with your friends and associates a your document and update all, work progress.
  • Easy to use
    A single tool to write, read, organize, share, structure ...
  • Wherever available, always updated
    Consult and update the document at any time and wherever you are.
  • Security and Privacy
    For each document, you decide who can read or write.
  • SEO
    ehBook is optimized to index your document for search engines.
EhBook test: 3 books and 50 pages are free!
With ehBook you can manage:
  • Projects
    Share in all its phases, a project with partners and suppliers.
  • Manuals
    Creates a constantly updated manual for your employees or clients.
  • Help for applications
    Create online help for your web applications or your website.
  • Event log, maintenance
    With partners the interventions or pinning things happened during your activitiesò.
  • Clipboard
    Use it if you would simply like to share confidential notes notebook...

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