ehBook is an application
to share text documents

You can share with your friends or with anyone who works to create and document growth.
A document that change over time. Always updated and available.

  • It's Social
    ehBook lets you share with your friends and associates a your document and update all, work progress.
  • It's easy to use
    A single tool to write, read, organize, share, structure, communicate, distribute.
  • It's wherever available, always updated
    Consult and update the document at any time and wherever you are.
  • It's safe
    For each document, you decide who can read, write and organize the structure.
  • It's SEO
    If the document is public, ehBook optimizes it for the search engines

Example of the day

A hand to your ideas.
User's Guide to the use of the Easyhand libraries and frameworks

What can I do with ehBook

There are many reasons why ehBook can become your irreplaceable partner.
The first is that you'll never miss the document version control.
Especially if it is written by several people at the same time, see for example what you can do:

  • Books and manuals

    ehBook is the maximum to write manuals, is born at the beginning for this requirement. Share the collaborative writing of a book or a manual.

  • Projects

    To check all the projects that need to be followed at various stages (from planning to execution) from customers and suppliers.

  • Help for sites and applications

    To bind to a site or an application help online easily. And update it quickly to every application change

  • Maintenance or event log

    To keep records of maintenance, in situations where it is necessary to remember and documentaredeterminati events. Through the API, you can send data from external applications to associate with the document.

  • Notes

    To handle just notes and notes on specific issues: for example someone uses it to keep the list of logins and passwords for all sites.

  • Social

    To keep and share an association meeting or a general meeting.
    Are you a nonprofit?
    ehBook is free.

ehBook-share your knowledge

A reliable partner to help you manage documentation in work or leisure.